Swedtarp was founded in 1995 and is a private company located in Skåne, Sweden. The company is solely focused on welding PVC-coated fabrics into different products. The fabric is especially made for Swedtarp by their suppliers according to Swedtarps own recepie.

Our main products are covers and ventilation tubes for mine and tunnel construction sites. The tubing is used to lead fresh air into the tunnels and mines. Maximum size of the ventilation tubes is a diameter of 3.0 m. A major part of the products are exported.

All our covers are welded without any sewn seams or hems and equipped with patented straps for rope attachment. The covers can be made with prints including everything from simple one colored prints to digital four colored prints in width up to 3.0 m.
Swedtarp is the leading company in Sweden on PVC-coated fabrics measured in m² and the production is made for handling large volumes. This in combination with large volumes from suppliers enables Swedtarp to offer products in high quality PVC-coated fabrics to low prices.