Technical Information

Swedtarps covers/tarpaulins are made to endure harsh environments such as construction sites, covering of goods on trucks and ships and winter coverage of leisure boats. In these environments the tarpaulins are frequently exposed to severe cold, broiling sun, hard wear, flapping and repeated abrasion. For the tarpaulins to last several years they must therefore be of high quality.

Swedtarps tarpaulins are made of a PVC-coated polyester fabric. When applying the PVC-coating, the PVC-paste penetrates the fibers of the fabric and gives full contact between the fabric and the PVC-coating. There is also a chemical binding between the fabric and PVC-coating that makes our tarpaulins strong, flexible and enduring.


Patented strapsstrapp

Our tarpaulins come with patented “straps” which are far superior to conventional eyelets. When applying a traditional eyelet a hole is punched out of  the fabric, and weakening it due to cutting the fibers which can lead to tears. Our patented straps on the other hand is applied by welding the strap onto the fabric. This reduces the stress on the fabric by dividing it evenly and leaving the fibers intact. The picture above shows a tensile test were our patented solution can take over twice the force of the traditional eyelets.

Our strap performs as well in unhemmed as hemmed covers.